Monday, August 6, 2007

Finding Great Food In Italy

Since food is one of the first things people discuss when they're planning a trip to Italy, I start my inaugural post with the subject of Food. I'm often amazed at the number of people who return from a trip to Italy saying they had a bad experience with the Food. My family is in the restaurant business and are great cooks and I've seldom had a bad food experience in Italy. But I also don't leave the food choices to chance. I'd suggest a bit of planning to avoid bad experiences. If you were travelling through your own hometown you wouldn't expect the corner hot dog vendor or random cafe to necessarily serve good/great food. Why expect any different when on your Italian vacation?

Now some may say this takes some of the joie de vive out of your trip. But if you're a foodie or partial foodie who cares about food, don't leave your food choices to chance.

And note - this doesn't mean you necessarily need to spend alot to get a great meal. Two of the best meals I've had were in little off the beaten path restaurants in Cortona and Montalcino.

Trust your guidebook for restaurant suggestions. I've found Fodor's particularly reliable.

Buon Appetito!


Anonymous said...

how do i find a great restaurant in italy?

Debbie said...

I agree that all of Italy has great food! That is part of what keeps bringing me back there every year and a half or two. I never tire of trying new and exciting foods from all of the different regions; and the fact that I prefer fish or vegetable dishes primarily hasn't put a damper on the experiences at all!
D. Bachelor